Hephaestus Award


Nitrex Metal is pleased to honor Dr. Dieter Liedtke with the Hephaestus Award this year at the Novatherm 2 Seminar, in recognition of his exceptional work at Bosch and lifetime service to the AWT (German Association for Heat Treatment and Materials Engineering), as well as his positive guidance in the classroom.
We congratulate him for his 50 years of dedication to the practical development of heat treating and most importantly for helping to develop the careers of students and fellows in this field.

The Hephaestus Award recognizes contributions made by academic and industrial researchers to the field of heat treating that have had an impact on surface engineering, materials science, and industrial processes or production techniques. Past recipients of the Hephaestus Award include Prof. Jan Tacikowski of the Institute of Precision Mechanics (2005), Dr. Kiyoshi Funatani (2010), and Dr. George Totten (2013).

More about Dr. Liedtke

With a career that spans from fundamental research to practical development, Dr. Dieter Liedtke has devoted much of his life to the advancement of heat treatment. Born in 1937, he received his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1962, and his doctorate degree in 1986 with a dissertation on “Contribution to the Technical-Economic Optimization of Nitrocarburising of (Mechanical) Components”.

Liedtke began his engineering career at Robert-Bosch GmbH in 1962, heading the corporate department of heat treatment technical science. Over the next 40 years, he has held increasingly responsible roles in the company’s heat treatment operations, including management of the company‘s in-house research and development of heat treatments, prototyping, training, materials selection and product development, as well as serving as an advisor to the company’s global heat treatment network. Although retired from day-to-day affairs, Liedtke is still very active in the heat treatment and standardization scene.

A devoted and active member of AWT since 1964, Liedtke has served in many capacities including board member from 1987-2002, Executive Committee Member and Deputy Chairman from 1991 to 2002, as well as member or chair of numerous AWT committees on the Standardization of Heat Treatment and Materials Technology, Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing, and Carburizing/Case Hardening. He has also authored and edited AWT books including “Process Control of Gaseous Carburizing and Case Hardening” and “Thermo-chemical Treatment of Ferrous Materials in Gas”. In recognition of his long-term dedication and service to AWT, he received Honorary Membership in 2012. Other highlights of his 50+ years with the AWT include founding the Heat Treatment Chapter of Stuttgart-Central Neckar region in 1972 and serving as its chairman from 1972 to 2013, collaborating with the AWT scientific committee in establishing the scientific program of “Härterei Kongress”, formerly “Härtereikolloquium”, as well as chairing countless sessions at Wiesbaden.

His contributions extend beyond AWT. Liedtke has authored and co-authored numerous journal articles, has contributed 5 chapters to volumes on heat treatment, and holds 5 patents. He has also contributed technical documentation on nitriding, carburizing, surface hardening and hardening, and tempering to the German Steel Information Center, and played an active role in the classroom by teaching a heat treatment technology course for two semesters as well as numerous seminars at the Technical Academy in Esslingen since 1991.