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List of presentations:


Jerzy Michalski
Institute of Precision Mechanics
Monitoring the growth of layers in nitriding processes – Nitran project
“NITRAN”  is Process–Electronic’s and the Institute of Precision Mechanics’s latest joint R&D project )

Tadeusz Frączek
Czestochowa University of Technology
Ion nitriding of X2CrNiMo17-12-2 austenitic steel

Jens Baumann
(a member of UPC)

High nitrogen carbonitriding – Improving energy efficiency of power train components

Maciej Olejnik
WSK PZL Kalisz
The benefits of ion nitriding applied to ASz62IR grade aerospace engine cylinder liners

Marcin Stokłosa
Nitrex Metal
Achieving high corrosion resistance by controlled gas nitriding/nitrocarburizing and post oxidation

Guido Plicht
Air Products
Control and adjustment of Nitrogen/Hydrogen‐blends in heat treatment atmospheres and their impact on metal surface properties

Enrico Grisenti
Temperature profiling in heat treatment processes

Janusz Kowalewski
ALD Dynatech Furnaces
Global heat treating trends of the 4th industrial revolution

Karl-Michael Winter
(a member of UPC)

Simulation of nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes

Jakub Jasiński
Bodycote Polska /Poland
The influence of machining on nitriding results – Practical applications

Marek Betiuk
Institute of Precision Mechanics
Modifying the surface with CrN coatings using linear magnetron sputtering technology

Dieter Liedtke
A member of AWT
Current state of standardization in the field of nitriding and nitrocarburizing

Piotr Wach
Institute of Precision Mechanics

Controlled gas nitriding for anti-corrosion properties

Dimitri Koshel
Nitrex Metal
Surface roughness changes during gaseous nitriding

Michał Kulka
Poznań University of Technology
Modification of nitride layers by laser

Damian Sputo
Dürr Schenck – Polska/Poland
Cleaning technologies in the heat treatment industry

Paweł Ficek
(a member of UPC)

Importance of flow control in heat treatment processes