List of Presentations:

Prof., PhD, DSc Jerzy Michalski

Institute of Precision Mechanics

Anticorrosive nitriding of selected machine parts

Eric Jossart

United Process Controls Inc.

Endothermic gas production technology

Prof., PhD, DSc. Marek Roszak

Silesian University of Technology

Requirements of the automotive industry in the field of quality assurance in heat treatment processes

Alessandro Fiorese

TAV Vacuum Furnaces

Fatigue and fracture behavior of additive manufactured metal parts after vacuum heat treatment

Michel Korwin

Nitrex Metal Inc.

History of Nitreg – The first potential-controlled nitriding technology

MSc. Milena Pilarska

Czestochowa University of Technology

The influence of glow discharge plasma on the nitriding process of Ti99.2 titanium

Jens Baumann

United Process Controls GmbH
Formerly Process-Electronic GmbH

New approach to control neutral hardening and annealing processes by concurrent control of oxidation potential and dewpoint

Prof., PhD, DSc. Michał Kulka

Poznan University of Technology

Laser-modified nitrided layer

Karol Forycki


High importance of parts cleaning prior to heat treating

Guido Plicht

Air Products GmbH

Innovative atmosphere control & monitoring system for annealing and hardening furnaces

Prof., PhD, DSc. Wiesław Świątnicki

Warsaw University of Technology

New methods of heat treating high strength ductile steel

Paulo Abrantes

Nitrex Metal Inc.

Continuous research in environmentally-friendly depassivation and nitriding of stainless steels

Dirk Otto (CSO)

Ipsen International GmbH

Predictive maintenance and digitalization in heat treatment

Dr.-Ing. Marek Betiuk

Institute of Precision Mechanics

Layers and coatings for the modification of inner surfaces of small arms' barrels.

EngD Jarosław Jasiński

Czestochowa University of Technology

Duplex titanium oxide layers for biomedical applications

Andreas Gebeshuber


New environmental-friendly developments and applications of the pulsed plasma heat treatment technology in the field of engine, transmission and power train engineering

Jens Baumann

United Process Controls GmbH
Formerly Process-Electronic GmbH

Industry 4.0 in the heat treating industry - risks and benefits.