2012 Edition

First edition of
“Innovative Solutions In Heat treating” seminar – 2012

Novatherm Heat Treating

Nitrex Metal, in conjunction with United Process Controls and the Institute of Precision Mechanics, held its first seminar dedicated to “Innovative Solutions in Heat Treating” at the Ostaniec Hotel in Podlesice, Central Poland on September 25-26, 2012. The seminar relied on both leading academic researchers and industry practitioners to deliver high quality content on the latest innovations that improve manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Presentations in the inaugural event were mainly about the current state and developments in controlled nitriding, nitrocarburizing and carburizing processes, technologies and applications. The seminar elicited a pronounced interest in future editions that would cover a wide range of aspects and themes related to heat treating. In addition to improving their knowledge of available technologies, over 75 participants had the opportunity to form closer relationships with industry/academic players not only from Poland but also Canada, Germany, Czech Republic and the United States. The next edition will be expanded to encompass a wider international audience.

Join us at the third edition of the seminar.

Presentation titles


Designing controlled gas nitriding processes

Prof. Jerzy Michalski, PhD – Institute of Precision Mechanics (IMP)

Controlled gas nitriding of heavy duty aircraft parts

Dr Eng. Piotr Wach – Institute of Precision Mechanics (IMP)

Bottleneck oriented load planning in heat treatment

Jens Baumann – Process-Electronic (a member of UPC)

Theory and practice – Gas nitriding processes and technologies

Michał Korwin – Nitrex Metal (NMI)

Phase controlled gaseous nitriding and nitrocarburizing
Andrzej Czeluśniak – Nitrex Metal (NMI)

The susceptibility of nitriding contemporary steel alloys used in tools and machine parts
Prof. Ewa Kasprzycka, PhD Warsaw – University of Technology

New in-situ technique for the measurement of carbon transfer in carburizing furnace atmospheres
Karl-Michael Winter – Process-Electronic (a member of UPC)

Effect of process time on low-temperature nitrided austenitic stainless steels layer structure

Dimitri Koschel – Nitrex Metal (NMI)

New measurement and control techniques for predictable results in ferritic nitrocarburizing
Jens Baumann – Process-Electronic (a member of UPC)

New measurement and control techniques for predictable results in ferritic nitrocarburizing
Dariusz Podgórski / Paweł Szulc – Bodycote Polska

Increasing the contact fatigue strength of 41CrAlMo7 steel through nitriding and shot peening
Mgr inż. Grzegorz Mońka – Instytut Mechaniki Precyzyjnej (IMP)

Controlled nitriding of barrels for small arms

Zbigniew Łataś Instytut Mechaniki Precyzyjnej (IMP)

Modern tool steels and heat treatment for the purpose of nitriding
Tomasz Fabisiewicz – Böhler Uddeholm Polska

The development of atmospheric-pressure carburizing using electric discharge-activated nitrogen-hydrocarbon mixtures
Zbigniew Zurecki – Air Products & Chemicals, Inc

Independently controlled carbon and nitrogen potential – a new approach to carbonitriding processes
Karl-Michael Winter – Process-Electronic (a member of UPC)